Symfony Web Development – Blue Mountains

A full stack framework written in PHP, this is an outstanding tool that supports fast and efficient formatting of PHP websites and web applications. Well known and respected in industry circles, it is considered one of the most powerful tools available – capable of accelerating the time it takes to move websites and applications to online status.

Blue Mountains Based Symfony Developer

When it comes to creating detailed websites and web applications, Symfony is our preferred framework to get the job done. This can be the case when a standard CMS system – such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla – lacks the power or flexibility to provide the required features.

As experienced Symfony web developers, we are tremendous proponents of its capabilities, and believe we are the top-of-mind destination for designing, building and providing follow-up support for this amazing framework.

As well as being convenient for our local Blue Mountains businesses – we also cater for the greater Sydney region (we have a team of Sydney Symfony Developers in our Sydney office). Not only have we authored quite a few Symfony plug-ins, we also support all modern versions of Symfony which includes Symfony 2 and Symfony 3.


Benefits of using Symfony

Similar to going to the gym on a regular basis, and building certain body parts to be more effective, Symfony minimises repetitive tasks and underused code – normally found in large websites – and delivers a more effective capacity. As this is a more efficient use of technology, it allows attention to be paid to solving other issues and not annoying code problems.

From here we can get things done in a more speedily manner, especially updates, changes and new features. All in an impressively faster timeframe than with a traditional large scale website.

It is not just us that are believers, world famous brands such as Yahoo Bookmarks, W3Counter and Delicious have all implemented the Symfony framework. Like us, they can see the benefits of this product, and how it performs to exceptional levels dealing with heavy loads and intense traffic of dynamic page requests.

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