We develop premium web experiences.

The combined experience of iVent and Jimmyweb amount to over ten years of commercial web development. Our focus is to work with open source technologies, which means there is no hidden or unknown vendor involvement, as well as unrealistically priced software licences or unnecessary commercialware.

We're also focused on implementing the most advanced technologies which include jQuery, CSS3, PHP and HTML5.

For us it's the little things that count. Well… little to some, huge to us. We actually love all the nuances of e-commerce web construction. We're very proud of every specific line of code we write, and can't stop discussing and appreciating an attractive plug-in, a stunningly written class or clever library. It is our desire to provide a great solution for a problem by delicately abstracting the code. Although this solves shot term issues, it offers the capacity to be managed in time, as functions and scope progress.

The right stuff.

From the smallest of business to major players, we have a proven successful record of supplying world-class websites and affiliated web services. We've learnt never to rush into a job, rather to take a holistic approach of analysis before proceeding with the appropriate technology – all specific to your business needs.

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Why use a web developer in the Blue Mountains?

While we admit to being tech geeks, with an overactive interest in all things online, we're also conveniently placed in your neighbourhood. And when it comes to communicating the finer details of your web ideas and needs, meeting face-to-face offers the best clarity and direction.

So, if you're interested in knowing the world's latest online trends and technologies, it's all available locally from your friendly Blue Mountains web developer. We also promise to speak plain English… and not geek.


We specialise in PHP web development.

Blue Mountains PHP Developers.

PHP website design, PHP Content Management Systems (CMS) and PHP web applications are our speciality. We have worked on an array of PHP based web development projects, with a substantial track record that reinforces our expertise. Be it a standard WordPress site, to quite in-depth web applications implementing the Symfony Framework, our experience and services are second to none. Our aim is to re-employ current community tested and maintained PHP libraries, like Symfony, Pear, and Zend, thereby providing a reliable consistency of code – saving time and minimising wasted resources.

Fixing Outsourced PHP Projects.

Although tempting price structures may induce Australian companies to outsource their PHP development from inexpensive overseas' developers, once online the shortcomings soon become obvious. Many times we have observed the imputation of low quality PHP code, where instead of using the appropriate centralisation of reusable components, sizeable volumes of procedural code have been deployed. We specialise in the rewrite and redesign of these PHP applications, completely ridding the site of being unmanageable, unreliable and basically full of bugs.